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Here is the lovely Ajay and Natalie and her little boy at the idyllic scenery of Mount Edgecumbe where they will be getting married in a couple of months! These two are just so naturally beautiful together, I cannot wait to capture their day in one of the prettiest local venues around. Check it out!

Z x




L A U R A  &  B A Z

I met these two on a chilly winter evening at the stunning Perranporth Beach ready to go with thick coats and hats; these guys are no strangers to the elements and we discussed various trips all over the world they had been and plan to go on in the future. The sunset could not have been more beautiful that day, faded pink and blue skies mixed with the vast beach and stormy waters it gave quite an ethereal atmosphere, perfect for photography. We also spotted various creatures of which I thought at first were jellyfish, which Baz told me are called Portuguese man of war!

Laura and Baz are one of my first weddings of the year so really looking forward to seeing them again in a completely different atmosphere! Until then…here at the beautiful outdoorsy couple…






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‘I am his, and he is mine, and it has been that way all along’ 

Veronica Roth




I met this sweet couple for a coffee over the summer and we discussed their beautiful church wedding in Wembury and what I could offer them in the ways of telling their wedding story. We clicked straight away and decided to meet up on a sunny day for a little pre-wedding shoot at their beautiful wedding location and took some stunning pictures in one of the sweetest rocky beaches in our local area. Please visit if you haven’t already as the views are just stunning at any time of the year…

Here are the results from our little shoot, I look forward to your wedding next year guys!

Miss Imagination Photography


Mr and Mrs Bunhill – Cornwall



Mr & Mrs Bunhill

I met Emma and Tim and their adorable little boy Arlo back in April where we discussed their wedding and how they wanted it to be a very ‘non-traditional’, relaxed affair at the lovely Mount Pleasant Ecological Park. An alternative vegetarian wedding venue positioned beautifully on the hilltop near Porthtowan, with views of rolling hills and with an aim for leaving ‘as little mark on the world as possible’, this venue is just perfect for those couples wishing for a greener wedding. The venue boasts a stunning timber framed barn, onsite glamping, an amphitheatre visible by walking through a beautifully handcrafted willow archway and much more. It is hard not to fall in love with this gorgeous countryside venue.

The day started with very casual preparations, the bridal party in the red geodome and the men…..well mostly in tents! After ironing everybody’s clothes, eating handmade cheese rolls, nibbling offcuts of cake and little Arlo running around making everybody laugh, the gifts were exchanged and Emma had a first look at her wedding dress. There was an emotional reveal of the dress that was kept secret for so long, made lovingly by her talented mother. Many tears and lots of hugs followed, a sense of love, family and happiness in the air.

Tim and Emma decided to have a first look with each other privately underneath the willow archway; a beautiful moment that I was lucky enough to be part of, before starting their day with a cream tea and Pimms with all of their family and friends.  Their cream tea took place near the fire pit and was met with a stunning backdrop of countryside landscape and the sun shining down on us all, it was a beautiful area to relax, have some formal pictures and for everybody to just have a good old catch up. The ceremony then took place in the glorious earthy amphitheatre, with grass covered tyres as seats in the walls. Talented family members were appointed to play classical music as the guests entered followed by the wedding party. The ceremony was warm, sweet and in true boho style, Emma remained barefoot throughout. After the ceremony the champagne was opened, confetti was thrown and we walked to the barn seating area and had a 100% vegetarian summery feast of locally sourced food. After this, speeches and poems were delivered and then the cake was cut, another item handcrafted by yet another family member. And finally to end the night a lovely Ceilidh was provided which had everybody up on the dance floor completely merry after the most lovely Cornish wedding.

I felt so touched that Tim and Emma found me and asked me to capture their unique day, it felt effortless with such a genuine, lovely couple. The combination of a stunning venue, warmhearted family and friends, two hearts and a little boy, it truly was a perfect wedding day.

Here I tell their beautiful story of their wedding day though my lens:



Venue: Mount Pleasant Ecological Park

Hair: Shear Beauty

Ceilidh: The Brim


V I S I O N 



© Miss Imagination Photography

Wanted to try this idea out for a little while just needed the right model, glasses and background! Thanks Rob for being my mannequin for this 👍🏻




© Miss Imagination Photography

It’s been a good week for shooting, meeting lovely new models and slowly catching up on editing…here is one from last week with the beautiful Sophie Murdoch who also doubles up with me at Christmas as an elf! Check out our page Feathermoon Theatre where we provide magical home visits in Plymouth Devon.

It’s a nice relief to get together and get creative as we both have super busy creative brains, a lot of the time we spill out a million ideas….but one always sticks…

Thanks for always listening to my crazy ideas and trying them out as well as adding to them! ✨

C E N T R E 



So I have had a lot of fun doing my lights portraits and although I won’t be stopping I will be developing this concept pushing away from just the upper body shots that I’m oh so comfortable with and looking to get more creative….frustratingly I have had quite a few shoots recently but paid work is taken priority and I’m desperate to share some of my new work with you all! 

Until then…. here is a beautiful image of the lovely Klaudia whom I met up with last week, just to discover her sister was actually a friend of mine and I was completely oblivious!
Thanks for the wonderful shoot…we’ll be going out again soon! ✨

S E C R E T 



© Miss Imagination Photography

Met another lovely model Jade for my first proper night time shoot, the lighting and the weather was against us but I got this little gem! Learning so much each time I shoot and I love being able to shoot in raw because in post processing you can bring out all the beauty within the shadows that you just can’t see in the initial image! Amazing…

Thanks Jade! ✨