Hello from Miss Imagination


Hello and welcome to my website/blog!

I am a 28 year old creative living in Plymouth UK, one of the best locations to live in my opinion. Close to the sea, the moors on my doorstep and best of all I live close to Cornwall one of my favourite places on the planet. Apart from my love of the countryside, I have various passions including photography, modelling, art, theatre, music and blogging!

I left The Royal Navy in 2012 to pursue a more creative career as well as not wanting to ever go away from my daughter April (now 5); I graduated with a Higher National Diploma in Performing Arts in 2015. Being an artist, musician, model, mother, photographer etc it started to become quite confusing what I should actually be doing with my life. I came to the realisation over the past year that I knew I wanted to work for myself and use as many skills as I could. Job hunting was getting me nowhere and I felt I needed to be pursuing something that was actually going to make me happy, provide a good income and set a good example to my daughter.

So….Miss Imagination was born after years of trying to find where I fit in within the creative industry and I am so proud of everything I have achieved so far, this is my story and my crazy busy world of everything and I can’t wait to share my next chapter with you all.


Miss Imagination

(Zephy x)



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